Pink's has been a Hollywood institution for many years and we've made lots of friends along the way. We are touched by these relationships in many ways. We receive many letters expressing feelings about Pink's that we wish to share with you.

If you would like to send a note to Pink's, please send your e-mail messages to

Paul Koretz


I'm a soldier in the U.S. Army with the 82nd Airborne Division, 1BCT, 1BSTB, Charlie Company. I'm from Los Angeles and when I was there I loved eating Pinks. Before I deployed last time to Iraq I stopped by California and made my way to Pinks to enjoy a mouth watering Chili Cheese Dog, yummy. When I return  back to California after deployment again I will stop by and enjoy another hot dog from the best hot dog joint in the world. I'm glad to be fighting for food like this. Thanks alot.

SPC Amaya, George

82nd AB

"All The Way" 

My last tourist attraction, before driving back to Northern California was to go to the  famous PINK's hot dogs !!! I wanted to taste the best !!!

 I  gleefully waited in line for about 30 minutes to get my food to go. As I was leaving, I passed the parking lot and I see two black SUV's with Maryland license plates - and two secret service "types" blocking entry of anyone. So I just stand there hoping to see who gets out of the vehicle.  No one does.  I keep standing there - then a customer exits from the blocked area and heads my way - I ask her who is back there and she says MICHELLE OBAMA !!!!!

 I immediately went back inside PINK's and stood where the secret service were and was told by them that this is a private party area.  I was kind and patient and said I just want to see the First Lady - and thanked them and blessed them for their service to the First Family.  I was able to see her sitting at a table with her back towards me - her famous "bob" hairdo. Occasionally, a few people were let in the area. I then asked - can I go in - the secret service said - do you have food - I proudly and loudly said yes and showed him my PINK's bag !!!!

 I was allowed access and sat at a table within 50 feet of the First Family of the United States, thank you Jesus !!!

The secret service had made it clear no pictures allowed as they saw my cell phone.  I sat there slowly eating my delicious PINK's hot dog and enjoying the honor of being in the company of the First Family - First Lady Michelle, First Grandmother Mrs. Robinson, First daughters Malia and Sasha and others in their entourage.

 When they finished their meal, First Lady Michelle stood up and I saw her beautiful face for the first time ( only a side view before, since her back was towards me)  She led the way and stopped (within ten feet away from me) to graciously give a PINK's staff member a hug.  I excitedly began waving at the First lady - she saw me and said Hi, how are you ? I said Hello and managed to get out lovingly God Bless You and she said thank you !!! I and other customers then began applauding the First Family as they all exited PINK's. They all smiled and waved !!! 

 What an honor (as I said to Mrs. Pink), privilege and gift of God to have dined with the First Family of the United States on June 15, 2010 at PINK's Hot Dogs !!!!

thank you PINK's for the delicious hot dog and a once in  a lifetime dining experience !!!!



Thank you note from Leeza Gibbons

My wife insisted we drive from downtown to Pinks to try your legendary food. It was worth the drive and the wait.

I had the Long Island and the sauerkraut and chili were awesome.

Worth the drive down I-5 from the Bay Area any time or day!

Dan in San Francisco


Seriously addicted to your hotdogs. 

Every Saturday at lunchtime it’s like there's a forcefield dragging me to your stand. 

I am a New Yorker at heart, but your hot dogs are without a doubt the best I’ve ever had….ever.


Dear Pink's,

My Grandfather told me that in 1940 he enjoyed his first Pink's hot dog from the cart. And once or twice a week until he passed away at age 82.

My dad did the same until he passed at 70. I was told that my first trip out to eat as a child was to Pink's and have been A loyal regular ever since.

I now live in Las Vegas and have eaten at the P.H. location a few times, but it is not the same as being in line in the rain on cool fall night in L.A.

My daughter has been to pinks every time she is in Hollywood and my granddaughter had her first hot dog at age 3 at Pink's.

So five generations of my family, and still growing, have been Pink's fans and will continue to be in the future.

Long live Pink's...

With an urge for a Dog, Best wishes,
The Carriker clan

Hey Pink's

We were last over in LA in Feb this year and we stopped by a few times for lunch during our weeks stay once on Presidents day the line was huge! but the dogs were worth the wait we love coming by for lunch if we are in town  it was the last place we stopped off at on the way to LAX 

The reason for my message is that we have booked another trip for the end of August and when I asked my 11 yr old Daughter Millie where she would like to go in LA when we get there (fully expecting her to say Disney - Universal - Beaches etc) she said without hesitation lets go straight to Pinks for lunch thats my girl so you can expect 3 for lunch on the 22nd August just as soon the plane from London lands 

See you soon 3 huge fans from over the pond 

Richard ,Wendy & Millie


Dear Pinks,

I am from Cincinnati and visited Los Angeles. My experience was absolutely incredible! By far the best hot dog I have ever had. Probably even the best thing I've ever had period! I am moving to Irvine soon, and I think you should open a permanent location in or near Irvine.

Thank you so much for my great experience!


Hey Pink's!

My family visited this summer (July 07) and LOVED IT!

We had a brief time in LA (stayed in Beverly Hills) before heading for San Diego.

My daughter (age 12) and niece (age 16) were looking forward to a much anticipated lunch at The Ivy. It was ok... yup, just ok... we topped lunch with some shopping at The Grove... and then... it was time for dinner... so many choices...

Then I remembered!  PINK'S!! Heard about you guys for years, recently saw y'all on the Tyra show...

ALL of us (Grandpa, Grandma, me, and kids) thought it was the best hot dog ever! Better than Fenway, Pac Bell Park, and Chicago dogs! Kudos!

My tiny little ballerina dancin' niece and I couldn't decide what to get so we had a pastrami dog (Brooklyn style, of course!) and a cheeseburger!  Yummers!

Thanks for being the pinnacle of our trip! Can't wait to come back!

Heather (northern CA)

PS- the coconut cake is fan-flippin-tastic!


My new husband grew up in the So Cal area and has always bragged about PINK'S HOT DOGS and how they are the best hot dogs on earth. I grew up in the far northeastern part of California, so I have never heard of you. Fortunately, after we were married, we took a trip down to So Cal and we all stopped at Pink's. I must agree with my husband - he was right!

I'd like to ask if you if you have a website that I can post my "like" so I can spread the word even more to everyone of just how AWESOME your dogs are.


Jean A.
Hemet, CA


My wife and I traveled to southern CA for the holidays this past December. My cousin asked if we had ever eaten there, when we told her no, she immediately drove us to your original location. We stood in line for about 20 minutes or so. It was well worth the wait! My only regret was not buying another hot dog for the road.

We'll definitely eat here again AND tell all friends and relatives.

Richard & Laurie C.
Ojo Feliz, New Mexico


Subject: Fan from Belgium!

Simply the best hotdog ever eated!

I'm coming from Belgium only... to eat Pink's hotdogs!

Thanks for the pleasure!

See you in September.

Truly yours


I just moved to L.A. from New England.

I am a hot dog lover.

I try every hot dog there is no matter where I go.

Last week, I went to Pinks.

For years, I have been wanting to go there.

I had three different kinds of dogs.

They were the BEST hot dogs I ever had.

In fact, nothing is close to the great tasting hot dogs of Pinks.

I will now be going to Pinks on a weekly basis.

Thank you for making my life even better.




I love Hot Dogs and always wanted to try one of yours..finally had my chance in Las Vegas.

I have told all my friends about your hot dogs and took photos when we ate at your place…everyone wants to try one of your hot dogs.

Will you please open one in Washington DC…..I have some really great names you could call your hot dogs.

Please, Please, Please open one…..I am craving your hot dogs and no place to go to get one…

The East Coast needs to learn how to make a great Hot Dogs like you. J



To The Pinks Organization:

I recall making a visit to Hollywood several years ago and noticed your big sign standing out, so I decided to stop by for a look. It is the best decision I ever made! I absolutely LOVE your food!! My favorite is the chili burrito. My family and I fell in love with your food so much that we would drive long distances just to have lunch at your famous landmark. Now that I live in Riverside County, it is my wish that Pinks would expand out here someday. If it doesn't ever come through fruition, I'll always jump in my truck and make the 100 plus mile drive just for a chili dog.

Mr. Pink, you and your family really know what the people want and like to eat. It's the good old fashion fun American type of delightful food that WE ALL desire! Please don't ever lose your trademark touch on the food industry because you are one of a kind. See you all soon. My t-shirt is overdue for a chili stain on the front! Thanks for your time!


Lucio Arellano

I absolutely LOVE Pink's Hot Dogs!  Especially those chili cheese dogs...YUMMMM!  We found the Pink's stand at the OC Fair this year and at the LA Fair.  Can't wait for the restaurant at Knott's Berry Farm to open.  We'll be there every week.

 Sarah F. 
Garden Grove CA

Pink's,   I'm a native to L.A., so I've been eating Pink's since birth. I'd just like to say thank you for staying open late and always tasting great!  
Thank you,



OK, gotta tell ya my story.  The wife is drivin' me nutso.  I took her to Pink's, and now that's all she can talk about.  When are we going to Pink's again, Pink's would be good right now, we havn't been to Pink's for such a long time, yadda, yadda, yadda.  Can't believe the monster I've created here.  I love the place too, but it's the constant nagging that's getting to me.  I don't think there is gonna be any quieting her down, either, until I can rearrange my schedule at work and get out there for a great chili dog and fries. 

You guys are the greatest!  Thanks for putting out such a tasty dog. 

DC Welsh


Hi. I went to Pinks Hot Dogs for the very first time and absolutely loved it!

Thank you for making the best hot dogs in town.


Satenik M.


Pinks is by FAR my favorite food in the world... I get the Spicy Polish with chili & onions (no mustard) & a crush every single time I go and I will get that every time I ever go from here on out without getting sick of it... Im from LA but am going to school in New York and the first thing I do when I come home is go straight to pinks for my spicy polish even before I get home... Pinks is the greatest thing on the earth


William A.


Wow pink's,

Congrats, the hot dogs I ate there were ones of the best I ever had in my entire life. When I heard that they were the most famous hot dogs in the world I had to go there and check it out. I wish you could have a pink's hot dog stand in Japan as well. The chili dog was "superdelicious". My mouth watered when I had my first bite. I returned to Japan yesterday. And I can't stop thinking of your hot dogs. Thank you very much for this awesome experience.

Your good friend from Japan,


I was staying in LA for 5 days on my USA vacation February 2005

I was fortunate enough to meet American guy who lived in LA. He was good enough to show me around LA for 3 Days!!!

On a Saturday night after watching a live band play at The Mint we were driving down La Brea Blvd

He happen to mention this little Hot Dog place called Pink's and told me that they made the best hot dogs in the US.

We pulled up in his van, in the steady rain, and he wanted to know if  I could be bothered getting in what he said was a short queue at 2:00am

I said, "Well we are here, let's go." I wanted to find out if this was all true.

It Is!!! It was the best Hot Dog I have ever had, and properly will ever have.

It is one of my most treasured memories of the great LA.

Melbourne, Australia

Dear Pink's,

My best friend and I (both born and bred Londoners) took a rite-of-passage trip to California this past August. We started in San Francisco, and drove down to LA, and had the most fantastic time.One night we'd been trawling all the trendy bars on Sunset, trying to spot celebrities, and ended up starving hungry at 2am having had an awesome night. So our cab driver was like, right, I'm taking you to a West Hollywood essential place right now. That's how we ended up at Pink's. We were talking with people in the line, and it was SO Hollywood - everyone seemed to be an aspiring model or actress or screenplay writer. We got our hot dogs and they were so good that even when I dropped mine onto the street, I had to pick it up, dust it off, and eat it anyway.We're back at university in England now, both feeling a little stressed - winter blues, lots of studying to do before Christmas. I was just browsing on the internet, bored, and found your site. It's brought a huge smile to my face - happy memories of a wonderful vacation, an exciting city, and some seriously dee-lish-ous hot dogs.Thank you Pink's for contributing to a bona fide LA experience that will stay with us forever!!

alex xxx


Subject: Greetings from the Southern Hemisphere

Dear Pink's,

I'm an Australian writing from New Zealand, having just returned from a 6 month stay in L.A.

The first day I arrived in L.A., I went to Pink's. "Welcome to America my friend... first things first ­ you gotta try a Pink's Chili Dog," I was told by my L.A. native friend, and off to Hollywood we drove. The line was three people deep, and I joined at the end. A couple of people ahead of me was actor Rene Auberjenois, and I immediately thought to myself... wow, I'm in Hollywood.

That day I sat in the back, with my Chili Cheese dog w/onions, a few feet away from Mr. Auberjenois, under the Southern California sun ­ a little guy from the other side of the planet, feeling very privileged to be in that place and time, to be a small part of 63 years of Hollywood history.

Evidently, Pink's "World Famous" Hot Dogs are worthy of their title and reputation. Over the next 6 months, on every visit I made to Hollywood, I always rode my skateboard down La Brea, waved a "hi" to Kermit on my way past the Jim Henson Company, and stopped for quick bite at Pink's. It was not just a place to eat, but an experience.

Best wishes to all at Pink's!

A fan from afar,


Dear Pink's:

I gotta tell you, my wife & I have been craving hot dogs now for some time. Over the 4th PBS ran their "hot dog program" over and over!!!! And it seems no matter when we came across it they were always at Pink's or just a cpl minutes away. Plus we also saw Huell's episode again recently too, so we got it with both barrels!!!!

We live in north Orange County and we can't find a good hot dog place to save our life, oh there's that one chain place with the red roof and the talking hot dog on the commercials but that doesn't cut it. We even tried buying some Nathan's hot dogs from the market & they were good but it's not the same!!!!

We just ck'd out your menu on the web site and we've made up our mind, we'll make the 1 hour trip into LA, we won't eat for a cpl days so we can each try a cpl different dogs & share.

See ya soon


Hi Pink's,

I had the privilege to try your famous hot dog on my trip to California. PBS was airing a show about famous/great hot dog places throughout the United States. I came to California (Oxnard) for the Dallas Cowboys training camp. I told my friends that I was going to make it a point to find you and have a chili cheese dog... and find you I did... and boy was it worth it. I have a friend that lives about 30 minutes from your place and I have told her, she needs to check you out!!! I have been telling all my friends here in Dallas about the great chili cheese dog I had!!! I will be in Los Angeles again in a few months and I will definitely stop by and have lunch/dinner at Pink's. Once again what a great hot dog!!!

One happy guy from Texas.

JR Gonzo


Where would Los Angeles be without you? Thanks for always satisfying our hunger, day or late night, with delicious varieties of hot dogs.

James Kang

Pink's Family and Staff,

I just came back from my holiday trip to LA and I must tell you that waiting in the rain to eat a hot dog at the time did not seem worth it, until I had in my hands a delicious Pat Morrison dog! Man alive!! We all enjoyed the dogs so very much that I thought to myself as soon as I get home I shall spread the word and thank you for the wonderful service and food.

Best Wishes,
Maria Paula
Calgary, Alberta

PS and I quote Ellen Degeneris "When I think of buns I think of you."


Dear Pink's,

I realize that you have a lot of avid fans, some coming from even farther than Washington, D.C. but I just wanted to write you to tell you that they are simply, the most amazing hot dogs and hamburgers I have ever eaten. I was honored to finally have visited and eaten at the famous Pink's on my stay to LA this past June, and I thank you and congratulate you on having some of the best food in LA!

Best Wishes,

A fan from DC who hopes you'll expand some day and start a store over here on the east coast!

August 7, 2008

Good Afternoon!

I just want to let you know that I sent out a master email here at my workplace letting everyone know that your hot dogs ar the best in town! I've had the three-hot dog burrito and let me tell you, this has got to be my favorite hot dog ever!

Therefore without a doubt I would not mind waiting in line for an hour to have my favorite hot dog!

Congratulations on a very successful business!

Omar Perez

Subject: Hi Pink's!

I was hungry and surfing the net and I was getting a little homesick for comfort I enjoyed in the past. It crossed my mind, "Hey I wonder if Pink's has a website - everybody does now."

I was happy that you did and that I could reminisce.  My husband and I lived in Southern California from 1979 to 1988 and Pink's is definitely the place for chili dogs.

We, like others, would go there in the wee hours for a chili dog. We lived in Hermosa Beach at the time so it wasn't really that bad of a ride. We moved to Huntington Beach when we decided to settle down and start a family. Well, yes, as you could imagine during that pregnancy, we did have to make the drive (but well worth it) for some late night cravings.

We moved to Michigan in 1988 (that is where we are originally from) when our children were 2 and 4. We did introduce Pink's to our children, but I wasn't sure they really remembered it. We made a trip to California in 1998 to take the kids back and show them all the old stomping grounds. Yes, Pink's was definitely one of the stops and it was just like I remembered. It is just nice to see that some things don't change. We haven't been back since then but guaranteed if a trip to LA is in our future, so is Pink's. 

Another satisfied customer.


Mary Anne Rousseau and Family


I haven't been at PINK'S in 20 Years although I still remember how great it was and how it was my favorite place to eat when I was in LA. I must say though that your CHILI CHEESE BURGER was incredible. The best in the world I'd say. I just wanted the people to know!



We just arrived a few hours ago from Michigan and our first stop was Pinks for the greatest chili dogs on earth :) My mother, Jodi Remenap's grandmother, lives in Florida and can't get decent chili dogs anywhere - she is now in chili dog heaven :)

Thank you again for your generiosity and hospitality - we were very well taken care of and truly appreciate it. We are only sorry we didn't get a chance to meet you.

Take Care and Enjoy
Jodi Remenap's aunt, mother and grandmother

Subject: Hi Pink's!

Hello Pink Family! I've been eating Pink's chili dogs since the late 60s. My friends and I would ALWAYS stop by in the wee hours after a night of Rock & Roll at The Hullabaloo Club back then. What a lot of fun then and the dogs are still the greatest! I'm sure Mr. Pink is looking down and is proud of the continuing excellence.

Keep On Keepin' On!
Joe Gutierrez

Hello Pink's,

I just wanted to say thank you for the great food. I recently saw you guys on the food channel, and my husband and I just HAD to drive to California to try your hot dogs out. Well let me just say that the 5 hour drive was WELL WELL worth it. I live Yuma, Arizona. It's a very small town. Now we know that every time we go to California we'll just HAVE to stop by "PINK'S" and have your delicious hot dogs!!!

P.S. We're heading up there this weekend!! SEE YOU SOON!!!

Bianca Acosta --- Arizona

Edward W. Gomes
Chief of the California Highway Patrol

Dear Gloria,

Thank you for your note and the gift certificates are also very much appreciated. I too really enjoyed talking to you and Richard about your "FAMOUS CHILI DOGS." I must tell you that aside from Gene I was most impressed sitting with the family that started cooking one of my addictions. Despite all the VIP's there I was most interested in talking to you guys about your great restaurant. If it was up to my officers your dogs would replace most of the furniture in our offices. Believe me I'll see you soon.

Thanks again,


Dear Pink's-

I just wanted to tell you what a HUGE fan I am of your hot dogs, hamburgers, and everything else you serve. I live out in Phoenix, Arizona, but still manage to chow down at Pink's at least twice a year. And I'm always craving it too! In fact, last year I had my wisdom teeth pulled, and when I woke up from the sleeping gas, my dentist asked if I needed anything, and I said, "Pink's Hot Dog"!

Thanks again for all the wonderful meals you have provided me with.Fan for life,


Subject: Thanks for the BEST CHILIDOG IN THE WORLD!

My brother who lives in Hollywood told me about Pink's. The first chance I had to eat here the line was way too long. The next time was a year after that (last year) moments after the Raiders lost to the Patriots in Overtime (a year ago last weekend). We drove down to Pink's and only waited 45 minutes for my first taste of Heaven.

MMMMMMMMMmmmmmMMMMMMmMmmmmMMMM!!!!@!!!! WOW! Words are very unnecessary. WOW!!!! WOW! WOWOWOWOOWWW!!! We went back to Pink's a year later, this time the Raiders won and they are gearing up to play in the SOOPER BOWL in my home town (San Diego). So we had six chili cheese dogs this past Monday, 1-20-03.

SWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWO!!!!; SO GOOOOOOD!!! MMMMM bop ditit! The best! We'll be back!!!!

Frank in San Diego.

Dear Mrs. Gloria Pink,

I would like to thank you for your wonderful hot dogs and outstanding service.

One of the things I noticed, was that even though you were very busy and hectic serving the longest line on the block, you still managed to give great service and what further impressed me was your ability to memorize each and every long order and kept it handled well and organized.

I just wanted to congratulate you on your outstanding service and great hot dogs. I also love the interesting names of the orders. I found it amusing. Thanks again and keep up the great work.


Kaori Cierra (KC) Alonso Yamamoto


My family and I came down from Salem, Oregon to visit Disneyland and while in LA we wanted to go to Pink's. I had heard about Pink's before but it was the story on Martha Stewart's TV program that cinched it - we HAD to make the trek to Pink's.  We ordered a wide variety of menu options and ALL of it was GREAT!

I had the GIANT 12" JALAPENO DOG and I have to say that this is the best Hot Dog I have EVER had. If you like jalapenos you will LOVE this
Dog. It has the perfect blend of dog, jalapenos, mustard, onions and chili.

The staff is GREAT and took our large order without writing any of it down and filled it within minutes and she got everything correct.

We also liked the variety of soda pop selections especially the old style pop I used to drink when I was a kid and the overall atmosphere of the restaurant was excellent. And of course... the prices were very reasonable.

We were there on Saturday, May 25, 2002 and it is now Sunday June 9 and I am still wanting another Pink's Dog. Thank You for a very memorable dining


Doug Luther - Salem, Oregon

P.S. If there is any way to order even just the Jalapeno dogs themselves, I would be most interested....... Thanks

March 3, 1996

To the Family of Mr. Paul Pink:

We send our sympathy for the loss of this special man, but we hope your hearts will be warmed by celebrating the life he led and the memories he left behind. Please let us share our thoughts as just one family that was "touched" by Mr. Pink and his hot dog stand.

It was 1963 when my husband, his mother, our 10-month old son and I moved to Los Angeles from Central California. We arrived at the apartment my husband had rented on Orange Drive just a few buildings west of Melrose. It was quite late at night, and I remember crying because I couldn't see stars in the sky (my first exposure to smog). I was already homesick for the family we had left behind.

Although we had a place to live, we had very little money, and this is where PINK'S came into our lives. During the week we ate beans cooked in a popcorn popper and cornbread fixed in an electric skillet (the apartment had no stove or refrigerator). The baby's bottles of milk we kept cool by storing them in the tank of the toilet -- just enough to get by on a daily basis. But then came Fridays -- payday -- and we would celebrate our weekly survival by walking to PINK'S. At the time, that magnificent meal could be purchased for 35 cents so we would buy 1 and divide it into 3 equal pieces so we could "share". We use to laugh at how such a small amount of something could make you feel so good. The food, the atmosphere, and the man who seemed to be "in charge" who greeted everyone with a welcoming smile and gave you the feeling of belonging in what otherwise at times seemed to be a hostile environment.

The years have passed (33), and we continue to feel a special attachment and affection for what we commonly refer to as PINK'S. Through residence and job changes, children and grandchildren, Mr. Paul Pink and his hot dogs have been a part of our lives. How lucky we are to have found this simple pleasure.

Thanks for the memories.


Caryol Smith (and the entire Walter Smith family)

Sunday March 3, 1996

Paul Pink, I cannot thank you enough for having given to us (our family) such wonderfully delicious "Pink's Hot Dogs." When you can live 300 plus miles away from a Hot Dog stand, and go to bed at nite and say to one another -- "what I would give for a "Pink's," is a true testimony to its greatness.

We began coming to "Pink's" about ten years ago. I, too, am a vendor. I sell apparel at street fairs. Whenever we come to Los Angeles to the garment district, we can't wait to have our "fix" at "Pink's."

I have never done anything like this before - but - after reading in our local newspaper of your death "famed hot dog hawker dies." I was totally compelled to write.

Thanks again for good times and food.

Sincerely yours,

19 March 1996

Richard Pink
Pink's Hot Dogs
La Brea Boulevard
and Melrose
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Dear Mr. Pink,

My father just sent me an article in the Los Angeles Times that told of your father's death. I'm writing only to say how sorry I am and to tell you that, even in Italy, there are those who love his hot dogs. I grew up in that neighborhood. I must have eaten at your place at least once a week, often more, throughout my childhood. Although I moved overseas in 1972, I always stop in for a hot dog when I visit LA.

Your father established a great institution. I hope you remain open and continue to serve the world's best hot dog with chili.

With very best wishes,
Charles Glass

March 4, 1996

To the Family of Paul Pink:

Shortly after I moved to Los Angeles, way back in 1968, a co-worker "introduced" me to Pink's Chili Dogs.

Later, when I was at CBS to interview someone for a magazine I worked for, Harvey Korman asked if I'd like something to eat, as we chatted, while I was waiting for someone to break free from rehearsal.

I thanked him, but explained I'd already eaten. That I'd stopped at Pink's for a Chili Dog....

...and I've never forgotten Harvey's response:

"That's a redundancy -- Pink's IS Chili Dogs."

Today, I join those thousands of customers and friends to offer my very sincere sympathies to your family.


Jean Lewis


Happy Holidays!

Thanks for all your help. The segment looked great.


The Tonight Show
Jay Leno

(Email to Pink's:)

This is Brian in San Diego. I'm from L.A. and since 1970 I've been a PINK'S regular! I remember the old gang of workers like Johnny, Harold, George, Mary, Allie and many I can't remember the names only the faces. 

Now I am bringing the PINK'S legacy to a new generation. All my kids and my wife love PINK'S chili dogs and soon my 3 grandchildren will no doubt be crazy about the best chili dogs IN THE WORLD! 

E PINK'S! Remember our motto, "YOU MUST HIT PINK'S!" 

But no visit to PINK'S is complete without a bag of at least 4 to 6 chili dogs to go! There just isn't any good chili dogs places in Diego, must less the world to compete with PINK'S!

But wouldn't it be great to have a PINK'S chili dog stand in other cities across America? Even if there wasn't any others all you really need is the original PINK'S, the BEST CHILI DOGS IN THE WORLD! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

with love Brian La Vette.

(Email to Pink's:)
Every time we come through the L.A. area stopping at PINK'S is a must..
Your food is to die for !!!
We enjoy it very much and wish that you could expand up our way.
We thank you for " GREAT FOOD " and reasonable prices.
The Fasshauers
Livermore, CA

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

Gloria Pink
c/o Pink's Hot Dogs
709 La Brea
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Dear Gloria,

Congratulations on a fabulous event! Everybody at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation joins us in extending our heartfelt appreciation to you for including us in your "Chili Dogs For Charity" Fundraiser. We are extremely grateful to you for the kind donation.

The battle against pediatric AIDS requires a united effort. Because of support such as yours, the Foundation will be able to achieve its goals and in so doing, bring hope to children and families living with HIV/AIDS. You should take pride in knowing that you and everyone at Pink's helped to make a difference in the lives of these children and their families.

On a personal note, Gloria, I want to thank you for being so understanding and accommodating. You are truly a pleasure and the gift you sent was truly an unexpected and generous gesture and for that I thank you.

Warmest regards,

Sherry Vrooman
Special Events Coordinator


Nancy Rishagen
Senior Vice President
Development & Marketing

Richard & Gloria Pink
Pink's Famous Hot Dogs
709 N. La Brea
Los Angeles, CA  90038

Dear Richard and Gloria,

A heartfelt thank you to Pink's Famous Hot Dogs for your continued support to KCET. The KCET Night at Pink's was a huge success and great fun for all of us. We appreciate your wonderful donation and for allowing us to share in the celebration of Pink's 60 years of being in business!

Pink's 60th Anniversary celebration was a fantastic boost for the city of Los Angeles, neighboring communities and for all whose life you have touched with your existence. Pink's Hot Dogs will be a long lasting cornerstone in American history.

We look forward to seeing you next Monday at the Pink's Luncheon here at the station.


Nancy Rishagen

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Hello Pink's Family!

I was thrilled to see that you folks have made it to the internet!  My family and I just got back to Orange County after visiting L.A.  And what would a visit to L.A. and Hollywood be with out a Pink's Chili Dog!? 
I am now 33 years old and started my Pink's Chili addiction when I was about 10 or 11 years old.  I used to take voice lessons from Dr. Dean Verhines in the building across the street from Pink's upstairs above what is now Sachs.  After voice lessons my mom and I would always stop and Pink's and munch out before going to watch either Happy Days or Laverne and Shirley filmed at Paramount before departing back home to Orange County.  It became a tradition when I was young and I have kept it ever since.  Now I have a family of my own.  My wife and I have always had to make a stop at Pink's every time we were in the area, however, today was special.  I took my boys, one is eleven and the other is one.  I think we have two new Pink's addicts!  What a wonderful way to go!  I just had to drop you this note and let you know.  You're in my heart, my arteries and my tummy forever!

Love to you!

Scott G. Maurer

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I thought the Pink's hot dogs were the best food at the Make a Wish fundraiser!!!

Thank you,

Linda Sussman

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Pink's family,


The first time my family and I had Pink's, was this past Monday the 17th of April. We enjoyed the hot dogs fine. Very good. What we were upset about was the fact that it was pouring and the lunch crowd was beginning. We just beat the crowd. We were absolutely amazed at the 5 women taking orders (correctly I might add), getting drinks, making dogs and burgers all in a very cramped little space. Our order was pretty complicated and they did not miss a beat. I'm surprised that for all the publicity that is Pink's, the space in the kitchen area has not been extended. These women were great!! They  work for you and they all had smiles on their faces considering the customers were getting cranky cause they were getting wet while ordering. Please consider your staff. Do not take them for granted.



Dear Martha,

You're right. Our staff is the greatest -- and we never take them for granted. They showcase the true spirit of Pink's. Thanks for your kind words and we're glad you enjoyed your lunch. We've stopped the rain, so next time you won't be bothered by it.


The Pink's People

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Do you ship to regular people? I have seen on many talk shows (Donnie & Marie, Regis & Kathy, Oprah, Rosie) your hot dogs however on your web site I see no mention of shipping to us regular people !!!

I live in southwest Fl. and can't find a good hot dog place !!! We are originally from NY where we had GREAT hot dogs !!!

Yours look soooooo good and from what all the celebrities say they are GREAT !!!! We want to try them!!

Take care and even if we don't get to try them we do


Hot Dog Lover in SW FL.

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Hi Pink Family,

I'm a long time customer since 1963 when me and my friends would go to Pink's after school. The price of A chili dog is no longer 35 Cents and the faces behind the counter have changed, but the taste and quality remains.

Thanks you keeping Pink's Pink's. I no longer live in the neighborhood, but visit your stand whenever I can. I've told countless other about Pink's and they are now devoted fans. Yes, I'd like a Pink's near me, but I know it wouldn't be the same. Never become a franchise. Don't ever destroy the legend.

Jon Lewin

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I remember eating there in the late 60's early 70's. Is it possible to get product shipped to Portland, Or. ? If so please tell me how. Thank You.

Howard Bartlett

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Dear Pink's Hotdogs Owners,

Recently, I saw a repeat of the Donny & Marie Show that had featured a story on your hotdog stand. I had found the story very cute. That was probably because my husband and I are both from the south suburbs of Chicago but we have been living in Nashville, TN for 15 years and terribly miss the hotdog stands we used to go to in Chicago called Bozo's Hotdogs. There are no good restaurants in Nashville, let alone any hotdog stands!!

We were here in LA this weekend at a seminar and found ourselves with a chunk of extra time and nothing to do so we rented a car and drove around LA. We drove all over LA!! When we started getting hungry, I reminded my husband about Pink's and the story that Donny & Marie had done and suggested that we give Pink's a try and see if your hotdogs were any better than what we remembered Bozo's had been. First, we had to figure out where we were and where Pink's was located and how to get there. Once that was accomplished, we were at Pink's ordering up hotdogs, fries, onion rings, and root beers. 

I have to be honest and admit....those hotdogs were delicious!!! In fact, I would have loved to have had another, but I didn't want to have to stand in line again. I really should have tho because I left still hungry and ended up being hungry the rest of the night, craving hotdogs!! Were they better than the Bozo's Hotdogs that we grew up with and thought were the BEST hotdogs in the world??? Well, let's just say that Pink's hotdogs were different, in a very, very good way! Bozo's hotdogs are made differently than anyplace else than I have ever seen. Besides the usual condiments, Bozo's added peppers and cucumber slices to the hotdogs, so you can see there is a definite taste difference.

I have only one question?! How do I get them delivered to Nashville, TN? I remember the lady that did the story for Donny & Marie saying that certain celebrities had them delivered to them in Vegas and other places when they were out of town on location shooting, but your website nor your brochure says anything about having the hotdogs delivered. I'm sure that is more of a special request sort of thing., I'm seriously asking......what does it take to have Pink's Hotdogs sent out of town....say to Nashville, TN???? Kindly let me know. Thanks so much!!!

Marge Janiak

Happy Birthday card from Mary Bosch, a young fan.

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Dear Pink's,

Believe it or not! I've lived in Los Angeles over 20 years & I haven't heard about Pink's until I've moved into the W. Hollywood area. One day, I was driving on La Brea Blvd. & my both eyes have been bothered so much just because of the longest line on the street. So I thought there must be some special event going on that day. But, it wasn't! Because I've seen that long line on every single day.

So I stopped my car & asked someone and he said, "The World's Best Hot Dog."

I wanted to try Pink's hot dog right away but I came home on that day because I was so shy to visit Pink's just by myself. Then, finally I called all the members of my first brother's family right before a day when I'd planned to go & 8 people (from the eldest age of 63 to youngest 3) lined up on the street just like everyone else. This is how I became a member of Pink's today. Dear Pink's, I just want to say "Thank you" for serving us with wonderful & unique taste of Hog Dog and I will be visiting you more often from today.

With lots of love & care,
Kathy Lee

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